SunSetter Patio Lights $117.00 shipped

Enjoy your awning during the evening and at night, too!

Made of tough, unbreakable Lexan® these beautiful weatherproof lights take standard 60 watt bulbs (not included) for plenty of illumination for evening activities. The smoke-colored prismatic globes diffuse the light so there's no harsh glare. They look so festive they're great for entertaining. Sold in sets of six lights with a "stretch coil" cord plus 20 additional feet of cord between the plug and the first light. We supply hangers that match your awning hardware. Standard 110 volt, UL and cUL listed. (We recommend plugging these or any lights into a circuit-breaking electrical outlet made for outdoor use.)

SunSetter Patio Lights are available for all SunSetter Models.




Wireless Wind Sensor    $228.00 shipped

The Wireless Wind Sensor for our Motorized and OASIS models closes your awning automatically on very windy days.

The Wireless Wind Sensor monitors the effect of the wind on your awning and closes it automatically when necessary. You set the sensitivity. Battery powered, made by Somfy. Simple to install and easy to use. Comes in cream color for our Motorized awning and in black for our Motorized OASIS awning.



Side Weatherbreaker Panels    $191.00 shipped

These ingenious front and side screens extend down 5 feet to block out up to 90% of sun and wind, but let in air and light.

Weatherbreaker Panels are sturdy, matching cream-colored vinyl screens that attach easily onto your awning and can be removed in seconds. While still allowing plenty of light and ventilation, the Weatherbreaker helps keep out 90% of the sun, wind, and drizzle. You can use one panel at a time or front and side panels together. The awning must be fully extended to use Weatherbreaker Panels.

Weatherbreaker Panels are available for all SunSetter Models



Awning Cover    $114.00 shipped

This sturdy cream-colored vinyl cover attaches over your awning when it's not in use, keeping it clean and protecting it from dirt, cobwebs, ice, etc. The cover attaches to the wall behind the awning with grommets and stretchable cords.

The Awning Cover is available for all SunSetter Models.



Dimming LED Lights    $407.00 shipped

Our beautiful Energy Efficient Dimming LED Lights make every evening special, illuminating the entire area underneath your SunSetter Awning.

These gorgeous lights attach right to the arms of your Motorized XL, Motorized, or VISTA awning. You never have to take them down, even during awning operation. They include a 4-channel Remote Control that turns the lights on and off, and works like a dimmer switch, allowing you to "set the mood" for soft or bright illumination. If you have a Motorized awning the same remote will operate your awning and the Dimming LED Lights. Custom made to the exact size of your awning, with an 18 feet power cord that plugs into any standard 110 volt outlet. Easy one-time installation: You get a set of lights for each arm, plus a waterproof transformer box that converts 110 volt to 12 volt to save energy. The set is cream colored to match your awning's hardware perfectly.
Be sure to order Dimming LED Lights for your SunSetter awning.



All Weather Warranty $138.00

For ultimate peace of mind, add the optional
SunSetter® All Weather Limited Warranty to your order. This warranty gives additional protection to your investment, even against damage due to sever weather and storms.



Protective Aluminum Hood $318.00 to $541.00 Shipped

This cream-colored aluminum hood matches the hardware of your awning. It projects 12 inches from the wall and provides exceptional protection for your awning fabric and motor when the awning is closed. It provides a uniform pleasing appearance and the perfect finished look to your awning. For lateral arm awning models only with standard wall brackets. (Note: You need at least 9 vertical inches of unobstructed space to install an awning with a hood.)

For VISTA, Motorized and Motorized XL Awnings only.



Cleaning Kit  $53.00 Shipped

Keep your awning looking its best!


Includes a long-handled brush, two bottles of cleaning concentrate, a touch-up paint kit and a fabric repair kit with fabric patch material.

The Cleaning Kit is available for all SunSetter Models.



Roof Mount Aluminum Hood $372.00 to $733.00

Installed at the same
time as the awning, this handsome hood — with an aluminum back
plate — provides excellent permanent protection for the awning, helping
to keep it clean and conveniently stored when not in use. It also
gives the entire installation a beautiful “finished” look that matches the awning hardware — a particularly important benefit for roof-mounted awnings, which are more visible and exposed to the weather, leaves,and environment when retracted than wall-mounted units.

** (Roof Brackets not included with Hood)



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